Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get gorgeous curls like Vanessa Hudgens

^This is the picture of Vanessa Hudgens that inspired me to find out how to get gorgeous, large curls like Vanessa Hudgens. And so I did, and I'm here to teach you how.
Step #1: Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner designed to add volume to your hair
Step #2: Blow dry your hair with a round brush. Twist sections of hair around the round brush and blow dry so you'll get large loose curls.
Step #3: Spritz a heat protectant designed specifically for curling your hair in your hair. Brush it through to distribute the product evenly.
Step #4: Split hair into two sections
Step#5: Take medium-sized sections of hair and using a large barrel curling iron, curl your hair starting from the end, rolling upwards. Leave hair wrapped around iron for a few seconds, then release.
Step #6: Once you finish the bottom section, release the top section of your hair and begin curling pieces of your hair towards and away from your face, alternating with each piece. (If you have bangs, place the curling iron under them and wrap bangs around the iron, creating bounce and volume)
Step #7: Spray with a extra-hold hairspray and your good to go! Enjoy your hairstyle! :)

xoxo, Jenna

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