Friday, August 20, 2010

Want your hair to smell amazingggggg?!

Victoria's Secret Hypergloss Shampoo & Conditioner
Scent: Juiced Berry

Leave it to Victoria's Secret to make a shampoo and conditioner that leaves your hair smelling amazing allll day long. My hair even smelt like berry the next day, too. I have been using this shampoo and conditionar for a few weeks now, and as you can tell by the picture it looks like I only used it a few times. The bottle is 11.8 FL OZ. First, I'll start off with the shampoo. After using it just one time, it made by hair feel super soft, even when I was rinsing it out. The conditioner made my hair feel so so so soft and silky. Both of them made my hair look really shiny after just one use. Their $10.00 each but their having a deal right now where you can get 3 for $19.98. The shampoo has Superfruit Shine Complex and Provitamin B5 in it. The conditioner also has the Superfruit Shine Complex and a double dose of conditioners to keep your hair hydrated. You can buy them online or in stores.

Link to the shampoo and conditioner:

xoxo, Jenna

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